Norway will continue funding of Atomflot supplies and equipment

29 09 2016

Delegation from the the Norwegian Radiation Protection Authority visited FSUE Atomflot to inspect the implementation of the contract with Nordisk Sikkerhet involving procurement and installation of radiation railway and vehicle portal monitors at Atomflot facility. In 2014 in the frames of the International Technical Assistance Programme Rosatomflot received 2mln NOK to... read more →

28 09 2016

Restrictions across Russian-Finnish border to be dropped on October, 6

The border crossing restrictions at Salla and Raja-Jooseppi (Lotta) Russian-Finnish border-crossing points will be dropped on October, 6, states the Raja-Jooseppi webpage. The restrictions across the Russian-Finnish border with the validity period of 180 days came into force on April 10, 2016. According to the tentative rules, the border may be crossed only by citizens of...read more →

27 09 2016

7 cruise missiles fired in the Arctic region in the Northern Fleet’s exercise

Today the Northern Fleet has completed the scheduled operational readiness check in the Arctic. The live fire exercise in the Barents, the White and the Laptev Seas involved firing of 7 sea- and land-based cruise missiles including launch of underwater missile from a nuclear submarine. Lots of gun fire and air shoot was conducted as all-arms forces exercise. The practice...read more →

23 09 2016

Delegation from Denmark arrived to Murmansk to learn about the development in the Arctic region

The high-profile delegation of the Danish Foreign Policy Society visited the Murmansk State Technical University. The group of 40 delegates was headed by Charlotte Flindt Pedersen. The Danish Foreign Policy Society was founded in 1946 and is aimed to promote and develop knowledge of the Danish foreign policy. The Society includes over 1200 members – Danish citizens,...read more →

22 09 2016

The international conference in Murmansk to gather leading Russian scientists

The international theoretical and practical conference “Murmansk in the history of the Russian statehood” is expected to gather the leading Russian scientists. The conference will be held on September 22-23 in the framework of celebration of the Murmansk 100-year anniversary. According to the information from the Murmansk Regional Government’s webpage, the...read more →

21 09 2016

Icebreaker “Arktika”: The core construction phase is completed

The Baltic Plant has completed mounting of first of the two steam-generating units on the “Arktika” icebreaker (Project 22220), thus completing the core construction phase. “Today we’ve successfully completed this construction phase of the atomic icebreaker. Further on we shall conduct final mounting of the atomic power unit with the supporting...read more →

20 09 2016

Murmansk region: the voter turnout reduced by 10% against 2011

“According to the latest information, the voter turnout in the Murmansk region during the regional and the State Duma elections was 40 per cent,” reported the Chief Electoral Officer of the Murmansk region Anton Bogomolov at the press-conference on preliminary voting results. He mentioned that in 2011 the voting turnout was around 50 per cent. According to...read more →

16 09 2016

Navy Chief Commander Vladimir Korolev on an inspection visit at the Northern Fleet

The Navy Chief Commander, Admiral Vladimir Korolev has arrived at the Northern Fleet for a 2-days working visit. According to the working plan, the Chief Commander will visit the main navy base of the Northern Fleet in Severomorsk where he will hear reports by the Commander of the Northern Fleet Nikolay Yevmenov and by officials of the navy command on the issues of the...read more →


Chairman of the State Duma Naryshkin inaugurated new federal highway in Murmansk

Yesterday the new 15 km long bypass highway along Murmansk has been officially set in operation in Murmansk. Shortly before the 100-year anniversary of Murmansk the new four-lane highway with the traffic capacity exceeding 20 thousand cars per day is now available here. The official opening ceremony was attended by the Chairman of the State Duma Sergey Naryshkin, the


Delegations from twin-cities met at the conference in Murmansk

The Conference “International cooperation: History.Challenges.Opportunities” was launched in Murmansk in the framework of “Gulfstream” Festival. It was joined by delegates from Murmansk twin-cities, representatives of Norwegian and Finnish Consulates in Murmansk, as well as municipal and regional decision makers. “Our experience of


Demand for Norwegian visas remains unchanged against 2015

According to the Norwegian Consulate General in Murmansk the demand for Norwegian visas remained practically unchanged as compared to 2015. During the 3 summer months the visa department received 2943 applications against 3192 in 2015. In June 2015 the Consulate issued 1348 visas, in July – 1017, and in August - 827 visas. In June 2016 there were 1140 applications,


Nonfreezing storage tanks to be delivered to the Arctic

Provided that testing of the unique storage tank ACPT-5,6 Arctic line mounted on Kamaz truck chassis will be successful, the product shall be delivered to the Arctic. The new equipment will allow delivering of drinking water and keeping it unfrozen down to -65C°. “We’re currently testing the storage tanks, including their functionality at extremely


European Court of Justice received complaint of LGBT activist from Murmansk

The European Court of Human Rights has registered complaint from LGBT activist Violetta Grudina on the fact that there had been no investigation concerning attack on the local office of Maximum organization. The incident took place in April 2015, though the attackers still have not been found. “The European Court of Human Rights has registered complaint


Finns are offered to attend Murmansk 100-year anniversary for €475

The Finns are offered a bus trip to the Murmansk 100-year anniversary which will cost them 475 Euro. As has been announced in a local newspaper and social networks, within 6-9th of October the bus will take travellers through Oulu, Kemi, Sodankylä and Ivalo to the final destination - Murmansk. The tour offers accommodation in Azimut Hotel. On October, 7 the


Yacht Northabout saw the first Polar lights in the Arctic

The crew of the Irish yacht Northabout that is on its round-the-world voyage saw the first Polar lights in the Arctic this year. The yacht has crossed eastern maritime border of the Northern Sea Route and the International Date Line. So now the crew has twice passed through the Northern Sea Route. “The East Siberian Sea was the calmest compared to the other 5 Russian


The Northern Fleet placed on high alert

Suprise combat readiness check has been launched in the Southern, Western and Central military districts, as well as in the Northern Fleet and General Commands of the Russian Aerospace and Airborne Forces, reported the Minister of Defense, General Shoigu. “Following the decision of the Supreme Commander-in-Chief of the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation a suprise