Info signs in Chinese in the Murmansk airport

20 02 2017

New information signs in Chinese language will be installed in the Murmansk airport. Each month around three thousand tourists from China arrive to Murmansk eager to see Polar lights, snow and real winter. “The info signs are being prepared now. The first ones shall be installed to indicate the location of toilets in the airport,” told the airport’s business... read more →

16 02 2017

Cargo carriage volume along the Northern Sea Route hits a record

Last year the cargo carriage volume along the Northern Sea Route totaled over 7 mln ton which is the highest indicator during the entire period of the sea route’s existence. According to the Director of the Fleet Management Department Vladimir Chabra, the cargo carriage volume is expected to increase up to 30 mln ton per year during the next three years. This will be...read more →

13 02 2017

An African native hided out from the Police in the Murmansk region

During a regular police raid a Sudan national was detained in Titan settlement near Kirovsk who had been hiding from the Migration Service for a year. The detainee has spent quite a long period of time in Russia. He graduated from a Russian University in Krasnodar region and decided to stay in Russia. Later he moved to Moscow. Though he didn’t not legalize his stay in...read more →

11 02 2017

Northern Fleet’s pilots awarded the title of Heroes of RF

The state award ceremony was held on the aircraft carrier Admiral Kuznetsov. Six pilots of the Northern Fleet’s fighter aviation regiment were awarded the title of Heroes of Russia for their meritorious service. Also, according to InformVest, most distinguished servicemen of the fighter aviation regiment were awarded with Medals of the Order For Merit to the Motherland...read more →

06 02 2017

Cruise season to the North Pole to open on June, 15

This year the atomic icebreaker “50 Years Of Victory” will make its first voyage from Murmansk to the North Pole on June, 15. There have been 5 voyages scheduled so far. The cruise operating companies are travel agencies “Quark Expedition”, “Poseidon”, “Zehgram” и “Volento”. Today Rosatomflot has agreed on...read more →

03 02 2017

Kuznetsov carrier-based aircrafts landed in Severomorsk-3

First group of carrier-based aircrafts of the Northern Fleet have flown from Kuznetsov aircraft carrier to Severomorsk-3 airport after a successful mission in Syria. The first to return were the crews of four battle planes and three helicopters, informed TASS referring to the Northern Fleet’s press-service. Since November 8, 2016 the aircraft carrier group including...read more →

02 02 2017

Murmansk native killed in Donbass

“He was blown up while rescuing injured people from Almaz-1 defense center. That was the third rescue operation in a row for him,” told SeverPost a fellow of the killed volunteer soldier. Alexey Chetvergov, a Murmansk native, graduated from vocational college No.14 in 2009 and since 2015 had been involved in the Ukrainian Volunteer Defense Force in Donbass. First...read more →

01 02 2017

The latest icebreaker Novorossiysk arrived to Murmansk

Icebreaker Novorossiysk arrived to the Murmansk Sea Commercial Port as the start of its first Arctic voyage. The new diesel electric icebreaker Novorossiysk (Project 21900M) was officially commissioned in St. Petersburg on December 26, 2016. By receiving the vessel the Murmansk Sea Commercial Port has opened its Arctic programme 2017. “The Murmansk Sea Commercial Port...read more →


Revival of years-long friendship

The recent years were the turning point for the cross-border cooperation between Russia, Norway and Finland. Ruble devaluation, sanctions, decreased tourist traffic and trade turnover seemed to be destructive enough to put an end to the years-long cross-border cooperation. Though in less than two years decision-makers of the Northern regions start talking about the revival of


Norwegian politician about fish export: “Perhaps, Trump will help us”

“Perhaps, Trump will help us” – said Deputy Mayor of Tromsø at journalist interview regarding the future perspectives of fish export from Northern Norway. “Norwegian fish is considered to be the best in the world and I want Tromsø locals to be proud of that! Now when you, journalists, have heard this, you can write it in your articles.


Mayor of Kirkenes comments upon the fence along Russian-Norwegian border

Mayor of Kirkenes Rune Rafaelsen shared with journalists his opinion on the steel fence built along the Russian-Norwegian border.  He stated that the reason for such measures lies only within the Norwegian Government’s decision, since, according to him, “there has never been any illegal migration through  Storskog border crossing point”, while the


Delegation from Murmansk participates in the Arctic Frontiers 2017

Delegation from the Murmansk region is currently participating in the Arctic Frontiers 2017international conference. The opening ceremony in Tromsø was attended by the Minister of Economic Development of the Murmansk region Yelena Tikhonova. The Norwegian Consul General in Murmansk also participates in the conference. This year the Governor of the Murmansk region


Finland to take over сhairmanship in the Arctic Council

In May 2017 Finland will take over сhairmanship of the Arctic Council. This was announced by the Prime-Minister of Finland Juha Sipilä during the international Arctic Frontiers conference. “We take it very seriously along with all the other issues. The Arctic Council has been functioning for many years now and became a valuable international arena actively


Delegation from Murmansk will join the Sami Union conference

On February 9-11 Trondheim will host the 21st Sami conference which is this year dedicated to the 100-year anniversary of the first meeting that took place there in 1917. On the 7th of January the working committee on preparation of the Sami Union conference held a meeting in Karasjok. As has been found, this time the conference will gather 72 delegates from 4


Pasvik visitor center opened by the Head of national Ministry of Natural Resources

The Minister of Natural Resources and Environment of the Russian Federation Sergey Donskoy took part in the opening ceremony of Pasvik nature reserve’s visitor center. In his opening speech the Minister told about the uniqueness of the only in Europe nature reserve located on the territory of three states including Russia. He also voiced his confidence that the new


Kola Peninsula attracts tourists from exotic countries

As it has been reported by the Regional Governor Marina Kovtun at a working meeting, there is an increasing number of tourists in the Murmansk region from such exotic countries as Thailand, Vietnam and Singapore. “Over 30 thousand tourists visited the Murmansk region during the New Year holidays which is 4% more as compared to the last year. Along with tourists from the