Trailer for the Scandinavian Fast & Furious 2 newly released

24 08 2016

The official trailer for the Scandinavian Fast & Furious 2 is now available online. The movie was shot in March 2016 in Murmansk and the field work took 4 days. The Norwegian movie to be released in October. According to opp.no, the story line depicts a bet race with the route going from a Norwegian town Fosnavåg up to Murmansk. In the first film the hero – a... read more →

23 08 2016

The Arctic forces to receive new air defense systems

By the end of 2016 the Arctic forces shall receive a new Pantsir SA air defense missile-gun system designed for operation in the Arctic, as well as an upgraded Pantsir short-range missile system. This has been reported to the Russian News Service Radio Station by the Commander of the Air Force and Air Defense Troops , Deputy Commander-in-Chief of the Russian Aero-Space Forces,...read more →

23 08 2016

A Finnish citizen rescued in the Kola district

The Rescue Sevice of the regional EMERCOM rendered help to a citizen of Finland in the Kola district of the Murmansk region not far from Lotta border crossing point. "At 3:10 pm August 19 the shift operations personnel of the regional Emergency Management Center was informed that a Finnish citizen needs urgenmedical assistance," reported press service of the regional...read more →

18 08 2016

The head of the Russian Orthodox Church arrived to Murmansk

The head of the Russian Orthodox Church Patriarch Kirill has been met today by the honor guard at the Murmansk airport. Today the Holy Patriarch will join the consecration of the St. Andrew's Naval Cathedral in Severomorsk. On August 19 His Holiness will put a capsule in the foundation of the Murmansk Spaso-Preobrazhensky Naval Cathedral and hold a requiem mass at the...read more →

16 08 2016

500 items of secret German weather station discovered in the Arctic

Scientists have collected about 500 items belonging to the secret German weather station SCHATZGRÄBER (treasure hunter) that operated on the Franz Josef Land archipelago in the Arctic Region in 1943-1944. The wartime items shall be sent to Arkhangelsk for further study and later will join the collection of the Russian Arctic National Park museum. “There are...read more →

15 08 2016

Murmansk to be the transit port for Chinese goods flow

Chinese goods may transit through the Murmansk port. The proposal was submitted by the Russian delegation at the meeting of Subcommission on cooperation in the field of transport that took place in Irkutsk last week. At the meeting the parties discussed the draft project of transport corridor “China – Kazakhstan – Murmansk - ports on east coast of North...read more →

04 08 2016

How the salmon died. VIDEO

Blogger51 has published a video shoopted by divers at one of the fish farms of the Murmansk region proving that the contaminated fish was dumped directly into the water. That contradicts the officials and fish farms' owners stating that all the dead salmon was properly disposed.  The poster writes "The basket seems to contain 150 thousand species 5 kg each = 750 tons of...read more →

26 07 2016

The construction of Atomic ice-breaker "Ural" started yesterday at the Baltic Shipyard

The official ceremony held on July 25th at the Baltic Shipyard marked the start of construction of the third serial atomic ice-breaker "Ural"(Project 22220). The vessel shall be equipped with the standard for this series power unit with two nuclear reactors.   The "Ural" ice-breaker is peculiar due to it's dual-draught design that enables the vessel to operate in...read more →


60% decrease in demand for Finnish visas in Murmansk

The demand for Finnish visas in Murmansk continues falling even during the holiday season. According to the Finnish Consulate General in Murmansk, in June it has received only 1900 visa applications.  "In June we have received about 1900 visa applications which is only 40% as compared to June 2015, while since the beginning of the year the demand for visas has decreased


The Arctic Theater launches fundraising campaign for a new staged play about Gagarin

The Murmansk Arctic Theater has started raising money for a new play - poetic drama "He said, "Let's go!" to commemorate the 55th anniversary of the first human flight into space. The future audience can donate for costumes and setting at a crowd-funding page. The performance will ultimately require 290 thousand rubles.  The performance will be based on Robert


The Irish yacht Northabout arrived to Murmansk port

The Irish yacht sailed off from Bristol on June, 19, thus it took the vessel almost a month to reach Murmansk. Part of the crew will change here - those who have to leave the vessel say they will certainly be back. "Before starting the cruise, the yacht was upgraded, many systems were changed for new ones. Though there was no time to test them - we straightly sailed off for


The Arctic oil may be processed on the Kola Peninsula

According to the vice-governor of the Murmansk region Alexey Tyukavin, the local government is currently negotiating the possibility of building an oil refinery on the western coast of the Kola Peninsula with the federal government and Gazpromneft company. "We wish the Murmansk port to be the final destination - the raw feedstock, particularly oil, shall be both received and


Sami against tourist camp at Seydozero Lake

Representatives of the indigenous community of the Kola Peninsula are outraged about building of a tourist camp near Mota-Guba arm of the Seydozero Lake that is considered sacred. The Sami pro-acrivist Andrey Danilov told that he receives calls and messages against building of tourist camp. "The building activities are fulfilled right where my forefathers lived," he


Trawler with royal crab arrested in the Barents Sea

Border guards of the Western Arctic Border Department of FSB of Russia deployed a boarding team to inspect the “Gradient-1” trawler (M-0493) owned by LLC “Arcticryba”. The inspection uncovered signs of illegal harvesting of Kamchatka crab which underpinned the decision to follow the trawler to Murmansk for discharge supervision. While inspection


Contaminated fish back in local rivers

 Several specimen of Atlantic salmon with symptoms of fungus disease was caught in Tuloma and Kola rivers, reported the Fishing Association to SeverPost. The contaminated specimen were given to veterinarians and further sent for clinical and epizootological analysis. “It’s yet early to assert, though high likely that the disease symptoms are those of last


Accident flight: smell in the cabin while take off

“There was smell in the cabin and vibration from the very takeoff. In 20 minutes our plane was turned back. At the airport we were met by ambulance and emergency response,” told SeverPost a passenger of the accident flight Victoria. The flight left from Moscow to Murmansk at 12:35. According to the Moscow Interregional Transport Prosecutor's Office, the signal of