Two Tanzanians attempted to illegally cross the Russian-Finnish border

25 10 2016

The officials of the Border Department of the Federal Security Service for the Republic of Karelia identified two citizens of Tanzania who arrived to Kandalaksha by train from St.Petersburg. The Tanzanians tried to illegally migrate to Finland. In the course of investigations the Federal Security Service identified that the Tanzanians intended to illegally cross the border in... read more →

24 10 2016

Russia and Norway celebrate the 72nd anniversary of the victory over fascism

On October 23 Russia and Norway celebrated the 72nd anniversary of the defeat of German forces in the Arctic. Governor of the Murmansk region Marina Kovtun, Chairman of the Murmansk Regional Duma Sergey Dubovoy and the Chief Federal Inspector on the Murmansk region Andrey Kalinin congratulated the northerners on the great event. Congratulations on the 72nd anniversary of...read more →

22 10 2016

"50 Years of Victory" rescued a research vessel from ice captivity

On October, 20 the atomic ice-breaker fulfilled a rescue operation saving a research vessel "Victor Buynitskiy" from the ice captivity in the East-Siberian Sea. The crew of "Victor Buynitskiy" conducted a series of research works including instrumental assessment of the sea bottom in the area of the De Long islands in the East-Siberian Sea where the "Janette" vessel...read more →

17 10 2016

Norwegians to mount the first in the region zipline

The Norwegians are about to mount the only in the region mountain zip wire in the town of Kirovsk. The attraction implies downward dismount on a steel rope above the ground based on mere gravity. The installation consists of pillars with a steel wire between them. It is planned to mount two parallel wires with takeoff and landing pads.- The Kirovsk municipality, Tirvas...read more →

15 10 2016

Famous designer from Murmansk region to get married to the British prince

A Russian designer Ekaterina Malysheva born in Apatity town of the Murmansk region received marriage proposal from Ernst August von Hannover, a relative to Albert II, Prince of Monaco.  The wedding ceremony will take place next summer apparently in Marienburg castle located in the Polish town of Malbork. The proposal was made few days ago during family vacation on the...read more →

13 10 2016

FSB: militants may carry weapons through the Russian-Norwegian border

International terrorist organizations may use the Russian-Norwegian border for transit of weapons through Nikel and Kirkenes, informed Interfax referring to the Border Guard Command of the Russian Federal Security Service (FSB).  As has been stated by the Public Relations Center of the Russian FSB, "border services of both countries shall be alert to possible atempts of...read more →

10 10 2016

The Norwegian Consul lost his dog during fireworks on Murmansk anniversary

The Norwegian Consul Jørgen Holten Jørgensen lost his pet on Murmansk 100-year anniversary. Scared by the festive fireworks the dog escaped from the Consulate's area. "Please help fing a dog. Puppy, 7 months old, Laika, lives in the Norwegian Consulate on Sofii Perovskoy str. 5. Escaped due to fireworks late on October,8" posted staff of the General...read more →

08 10 2016

Murmansk 100-year anniversary

October 8: 10.00 – Open pool tournament dedicated to the Murmansk 100-year anniversary (Bristol club, Lenin Avenue 52) 14.00 – 18.00 – Concert and entertainment venues: – “Childhood, arts and sports” - Children’s groups dance and sing for the locals (near the Murmansk regional drama theatre) – “Folk...read more →


Press show of Scandinavian Fast & Furious 2 takes place tonight in Kirkenes

Tonight Kirkenes will host the press show of Scandinavian Fast & Furious 2.SeverPost was informed that Murmansk who assisted in film shooting were invited to the pre-release. The film premiere will take place in Oslo in early November. Whether the film will be shown in Russia is being currently negotiated. We shall remind that the story line depicts a bet race with the


Murmansk marine station opened after reconstruction

On October 4 the official opening ceremony of the reconstructed marine station took place in Murmansk. It was attended by the Governor of the Murmansk region Marina Kovtun, Mayor of Murmansk Alexey Veller, Chairperson of the Council of Federation of the Federal Assembly of the Russian FederationValentina Matvienko,Deputy Minister of


The long awaited 100-year anniversary of Murmansk

Today Murmansk celebrates its long awaited anniversary - the hero-city turns 100. According to SeverPost correspondent, the anniversary countdown turned zero at 12 a.m. Those who gathered in the center of Murmansk at the countdown display visualizing the time left before the city's anniversary loudly counted down to the official 100th birthday of Murmansk. Also not far from


Ambassador of USA in Russia to make his first visit to Murmansk

The Head of the U.S. diplomatic mission John Tefft will for the first time visit Murmansk region to get familiar with the local settings. On October 3-4 the Ambassador will see the most prominent sights in Murmansk to pay tribute to the regional history and culture. He will also attend the Murmansk 100-year anniversary celebrations, reports the press-service of the U.S.


Finland to join the Russian-Norwegian cross-border cooperation days

On October 27-28 Nikel will host the sixth Russian-Norwegian cross-border cooperation days aimed at strengthening of collaboration on the issues relevant for border towns and settlements. This year the Russian-Norwegian cross-border cooperation days agenda includes not only important aspects of Russian-Norwegian border area, but also vital issues of cooperation between the


Norway will continue funding of Atomflot supplies and equipment

Delegation from the the Norwegian Radiation Protection Authority visited FSUE Atomflot to inspect the implementation of the contract with Nordisk Sikkerhet involving procurement and installation of radiation railway and vehicle portal monitors at Atomflot facility. In 2014 in the frames of the International Technical Assistance Programme Rosatomflot received 2mln NOK to


Restrictions across Russian-Finnish border to be dropped on October, 6

The border crossing restrictions at Salla and Raja-Jooseppi (Lotta) Russian-Finnish border-crossing points will be dropped on October, 6, states the Raja-Jooseppi webpage. The restrictions across the Russian-Finnish border with the validity period of 180 days came into force on April 10, 2016. According to the tentative rules, the border may be crossed only by citizens of


7 cruise missiles fired in the Arctic region in the Northern Fleet’s exercise

Today the Northern Fleet has completed the scheduled operational readiness check in the Arctic. The live fire exercise in the Barents, the White and the Laptev Seas involved firing of 7 sea- and land-based cruise missiles including launch of underwater missile from a nuclear submarine. Lots of gun fire and air shoot was conducted as all-arms forces exercise. The practice