Head of the Pechenga in charge the Council of cross-border municipalities

09 12 2016

Head of the Pechenga district Eduard Zatona took on leadership in the Council of northern cross-border municipalities. According to its charter, the Chairman of the Council is conferred the powers for one year. The decision was taken on an extraordinary meeting of the Council on the 22nd of November in Inari, Finland. Currently the Council plans to summarize the ideas... read more →

08 12 2016

Ministry of Energy announced fuel oil price for the Murmansk region

Today the price per ton of fuel oil in the Murmansk region is 11.2 thousand rubles, informed the Head of the regional Ministry of Energy and Housing and Utilities Vladimir Gnoyevskiy.  “One ton of fuel oil currently costs 11.2 thousand rubles. Last year the price fluctuated between 6-11 thousand. It changes rapidly and is hard to predict since it is a market...read more →

07 12 2016

Murmansk ice-swimmers came up with a new flash mob. VIDEO

The Murmansk ice-swimmers made up a new flash mob “Start up the time”. They came up with this idea as a follow-up to the Mannequin challenge viral videos. “We’re sportsmen - we cannot stand still. So we decided to “stop” the time for a while. We should always make the headway and move forward,” told SeverPost the flash mob facilitator...read more →

30 11 2016

Kirovsk opens ski season 2016-2017

The new ski season has been opened in Kirovsk. All the local sports facilities, slopes and ski-lifts are welcoming both professional and amateur skiers. “The Big Wood pistes are waiting for guests. The seasons will be opened on December, 2” informed SeverPost the Kirovsk municipality. The Kukisvumchorr ski center launched the season on November, 26. Its slopes...read more →

24 11 2016

“Admiral Kulakov” rescued a Ukrainian ship’s crew in the Mediterranean

Major anti-submarine ship of the Northern Fleet “Admiral Kulakov” rescued crew of a Ukrainian fishing vessel in the Mediterranean, informs RT TV-channel referring to the Ministry of Defense.  It is specified that the Russian ship received a distress signal from the Ukrainian vessel “097” with 7 crew members onboard. “Admiral Kulakov”...read more →

23 11 2016

Norwegians reviewed launching the Kirkenes-Murmansk flight

FlyViking air company that had earlier proposed launching flights from North Norway to Murmansk changes its plans. Murmansk Mayor Andrey Sysoyev met with the delegation from Sør Varanger to discuss perspectives of the new air routes.  Following the meeting representatives of the Norwegian air company proposed launching flight Kirkenes-Murmansk in the nearest time....read more →

22 11 2016

Mortality rate to exceed fertility in the Murmansk region by 2018

According to the scenario of social-economic development of the Murmansk region, in 2017 the natural population growth will have zero value and in 2018-2019 the population will decline. According to the prognosis, in 2017-2019 the number of women of reproductive age (18-39 years) and especially women of 20-29 years of age will reduce. Also the working age population will...read more →

18 11 2016

Representative of South African Embassy called Murmansk region a neighbor

Minister Plenipotentiary of the Embassy of South Africa Henry William Short called the Murmansk region a neighbor region. He also added that the Republic of South Africa looks forward to productive cooperation on the regional level. “We deeply appreciate the new opportunity that opened for us in the course of the Murmansk International Business Week. We’ve had...read more →


Murmansk fishermen to reduce trawling in the Barents Sea

Major cod and haddock producers fishing in the Barents Sea (the Union of Fishery Enterprises in the North, Groups of companies”Norebo” and “F.E.S.T”, OJSC Archangelsk Trawl Fleet) have signed agreement on mitigation of bottom trawling fishing on the ecosystems of the Barents and Norwegian Seas. “The ecological importance of this agreement can


The Dutch willing to build a wind park near Murmansk for 22 bln rubles

The Dutch company Windlife Energy BV plans to invest 22 bln rubles in a wind park in the Murmansk region, informs Interfax referring to the company’s Director General Paul Logchies. “We plan to complete construction in 2019. This will be the biggest wind park ever beyond the Polar Circle (...). The 22 bln rubles are to be spent for those 200 megawatt,” said


FSB in Murmansk detained a foreign ship with drugs onboard. VIDEO

During the border control the transport refrigerator “Frio Petropavlovsk” under St Kitts and Nevis flag intending to leave the Russian Federation was detained by the Federal Security Service due to the fact of discovering a hiding with cannabis and its derivatives. The drugs were detected by a trained dog in the refrigerating compartment of the vessel. A


Murmansk region and Norwegian Troms signed declaration on cooperation

The Governor of the Murmansk region Marina Kovtun and Chairperson of the Administration of Norwegian county Troms Cecilie Myrseth signed Declaration on priority directions of cooperation for 2017-2019. The Declaration is focused on projects and activities in the fields of economy, education, healthcare, culture, sports, youth policy and environmental safety. Cecilie Myrseth


Net profit of Murmansk commercial seaport increased by 43%

The net profit of the Murmansk Commercial Seaport for 9 months of 2016 increased by 43% against the same period in 2015 and amounts to 3.28 bln RUB. According to the company’s data, the income for this period increased at 11.3% and made 5,69 bln RUB. OJSC “Murmansk Commercial Seaport” was established in 1994. It has 17 quays of 3 km in total. The length and


Reindeer herders of the Kola Peninsula request to prohibit reindeer hunting

Reindeer herders of the Kola Peninsula addressed the Regional Duma to request prohibition of wild reindeer hunting. In their view, legal hunting of this animal may cause large losses to reindeer farming. Thus often in winter periods hunters kill domestic reindeers instead of wild species, while poachers decimate entire flocks. “Legal reideer hunting provokes poaching,


Research: many unhappy people in the Murmansk region

Murmansk region is in the bottom of the Love Index rating based on correlation between love/hate messages on social networks. Authors of the research have analyzed Russian-language references to love and hate in first person present tense. Among them were both positive (“I love”, “I adore”, “I’m happy”) and negative (“I


Kirovsk to open ski season next week

The ski season in Kirovsk starts soon – the ski slopes of Kukisvumchorr ski center can be opened already next week.  “On the 2nd of November snow cannons were geared on the slopes. Temperature below zero gave the green light to the full-fledged preparation works for the new season,” informed SeverPost the Kukisvumchorr referral