Airbus Murmansk made its first landing in Murmansk airport

22 12 2016

Today airbus A319 “Murmansk” operated by Rissiya airlines for the first time landed in the Murmansk airport. The flight from St.Petersburg landed at 11.20 am. The return flight to Pulkovo is scheduled at 12.25 The aircraft has recently been named Murmansk after the world’s largest city located beyond the Arctic Circle.  We shall remind that the... read more →

22 12 2016

Mysterious flash seen in the sky of Murmansk. VIDEO

The Murmansk locals have posted on social networks videos showing a mysterious flash in the sky. Such light emission might presumably result from power line short circuit. The video provoked strong reaction among social networks who assumed that the flash might be a meteoritic fall. Some suggested that it was an UFO. The e-community “Weather in Murmansk” explains...read more →

07 12 2016

Murmansk ice-swimmers came up with a new flash mob. VIDEO

The Murmansk ice-swimmers made up a new flash mob “Start up the time”. They came up with this idea as a follow-up to the Mannequin challenge viral videos. “We’re sportsmen - we cannot stand still. So we decided to “stop” the time for a while. We should always make the headway and move forward,” told SeverPost the flash mob facilitator...read more →

30 11 2016

Kirovsk opens ski season 2016-2017

The new ski season has been opened in Kirovsk. All the local sports facilities, slopes and ski-lifts are welcoming both professional and amateur skiers. “The Big Wood pistes are waiting for guests. The seasons will be opened on December, 2” informed SeverPost the Kirovsk municipality. The Kukisvumchorr ski center launched the season on November, 26. Its slopes...read more →

22 11 2016

Mortality rate to exceed fertility in the Murmansk region by 2018

According to the scenario of social-economic development of the Murmansk region, in 2017 the natural population growth will have zero value and in 2018-2019 the population will decline. According to the prognosis, in 2017-2019 the number of women of reproductive age (18-39 years) and especially women of 20-29 years of age will reduce. Also the working age population will...read more →

09 11 2016

Reindeer herders of the Kola Peninsula request to prohibit reindeer hunting

Reindeer herders of the Kola Peninsula addressed the Regional Duma to request prohibition of wild reindeer hunting. In their view, legal hunting of this animal may cause large losses to reindeer farming. Thus often in winter periods hunters kill domestic reindeers instead of wild species, while poachers decimate entire flocks. “Legal reideer hunting provokes poaching,...read more →

08 11 2016

Research: many unhappy people in the Murmansk region

Murmansk region is in the bottom of the Love Index rating based on correlation between love/hate messages on social networks. Authors of the research have analyzed Russian-language references to love and hate in first person present tense. Among them were both positive (“I love”, “I adore”, “I’m happy”) and negative (“I...read more →

08 11 2016

Kirovsk to open ski season next week

The ski season in Kirovsk starts soon – the ski slopes of Kukisvumchorr ski center can be opened already next week.  “On the 2nd of November snow cannons were geared on the slopes. Temperature below zero gave the green light to the full-fledged preparation works for the new season,” informed SeverPost the Kukisvumchorr referral...read more →


Norwegians to mount the first in the region zipline

The Norwegians are about to mount the only in the region mountain zip wire in the town of Kirovsk. The attraction implies downward dismount on a steel rope above the ground based on mere gravity. The installation consists of pillars with a steel wire between them. It is planned to mount two parallel wires with takeoff and landing pads.- The Kirovsk municipality, Tirvas


The Norwegian Consul lost his dog during fireworks on Murmansk anniversary

The Norwegian Consul Jørgen Holten Jørgensen lost his pet on Murmansk 100-year anniversary. Scared by the festive fireworks the dog escaped from the Consulate's area. "Please help fing a dog. Puppy, 7 months old, Laika, lives in the Norwegian Consulate on Sofii Perovskoy str. 5. Escaped due to fireworks late on October,8" posted staff of the General


Murmansk 100-year anniversary

October 8: 10.00 – Open pool tournament dedicated to the Murmansk 100-year anniversary (Bristol club, Lenin Avenue 52) 14.00 – 18.00 – Concert and entertainment venues: – “Childhood, arts and sports” - Children’s groups dance and sing for the locals (near the Murmansk regional drama theatre) – “Folk


Press show of Scandinavian Fast & Furious 2 takes place tonight in Kirkenes

Tonight Kirkenes will host the press show of Scandinavian Fast & Furious 2.SeverPost was informed that Murmansk who assisted in film shooting were invited to the pre-release. The film premiere will take place in Oslo in early November. Whether the film will be shown in Russia is being currently negotiated. We shall remind that the story line depicts a bet race with the


The long awaited 100-year anniversary of Murmansk

Today Murmansk celebrates its long awaited anniversary - the hero-city turns 100. According to SeverPost correspondent, the anniversary countdown turned zero at 12 a.m. Those who gathered in the center of Murmansk at the countdown display visualizing the time left before the city's anniversary loudly counted down to the official 100th birthday of Murmansk. Also not far from


The international conference in Murmansk to gather leading Russian scientists

The international theoretical and practical conference “Murmansk in the history of the Russian statehood” is expected to gather the leading Russian scientists. The conference will be held on September 22-23 in the framework of celebration of the Murmansk 100-year anniversary. According to the information from the Murmansk Regional Government’s webpage, the


Chairman of the State Duma Naryshkin inaugurated new federal highway in Murmansk

Yesterday the new 15 km long bypass highway along Murmansk has been officially set in operation in Murmansk. Shortly before the 100-year anniversary of Murmansk the new four-lane highway with the traffic capacity exceeding 20 thousand cars per day is now available here. The official opening ceremony was attended by the Chairman of the State Duma Sergey Naryshkin, the


European Court of Justice received complaint of LGBT activist from Murmansk

The European Court of Human Rights has registered complaint from LGBT activist Violetta Grudina on the fact that there had been no investigation concerning attack on the local office of Maximum organization. The incident took place in April 2015, though the attackers still have not been found. “The European Court of Human Rights has registered complaint