Government lacks 48 bln rubles for the Murmansk Transport Hub completion

The State intends to complete the construction of the Murmansk Transport Hub according to private-public partnership that implies enticement of investors, reported the Minister of Transport Maxim Sokolov at the meeting in Murmansk. “Theonlyopportunityforustokeeptheprojectsalive (…) isprivate-publicpartnership. I’m also convinced that we should use this... read more →

A 1.5 bln waste treatment plant to be built in the region by the end of 2017

Waste reloading stations in Severomorsk, Aleksandrovsk, Zaozersk and Ura-Bay, a disposal site and a waste treatment plant in Murmansk will be commissioned by the end of this year, told SeverPost Deputy Director of “Waste Treatment” Murmansk subsidiary Vitaliy Izmailov.   “Each year the disposal site will receive 250 tons of waste of 4 and 5 hazard...read more →

Nornickel opens upgraded Murmansk Transshipment terminal

Nornickel finished the upgrading of the second berth of its Murmansk Transport Division Today. The second project phase will enable the terminal to work at full capacity and almost double its cargo traffic, from 780,000 tonnes to 1.5 million tonnes per year. Storage capacity is 100,000 square meters. The berths are equipped with gantry cranes with a lifting capacity of...read more →

China invests 17 bln rubles into the new Murmansk port

The Chinese holding company Poly International will invest over 17 bln rubles into the construction of Lavna coal terminal on the western coast of the Kola Bay, informs the press-service of the Murmansk regional Government. Being one of the investors of the Lavna coal terminal, Poly International intends to invest $300 million which is around 1/3 of the revenue part of...read more →

Cargo carriage volume along the Northern Sea Route hits a record

Last year the cargo carriage volume along the Northern Sea Route totaled over 7 mln ton which is the highest indicator during the entire period of the sea route’s existence. According to the Director of the Fleet Management Department Vladimir Chabra, the cargo carriage volume is expected to increase up to 30 mln ton per year during the next three years. This will be...read more →

The latest icebreaker Novorossiysk arrived to Murmansk

Icebreaker Novorossiysk arrived to the Murmansk Sea Commercial Port as the start of its first Arctic voyage. The new diesel electric icebreaker Novorossiysk (Project 21900M) was officially commissioned in St. Petersburg on December 26, 2016. By receiving the vessel the Murmansk Sea Commercial Port has opened its Arctic programme 2017. “The Murmansk Sea Commercial Port...read more →

Cargo turnover decreased by 20% in the Murmansk fishing port

The gross turnover of the Murmansk fishing port made 308.9 thousand tons in 2016. For reference, in 2015 it was 371.4 thousand tons.  Apart from the gross turnover, the fish production decreased by over 40 thousand tons in 2016.  “In view of weakening RUB Murmansk gets less and less fish which means less work load for docks, fish processing sector and ship...read more →

Norwegian salmon infection is no threat to the Murmansk fish

The outbreak of infectious salmon anemia detected in Norwegian Finnmark doesn’t threaten the Murmansk fish population, reports the Chairman of Veterinary Committee of the Murmansk region Alexey Kasatkin. “Owing to the large distance and no business ties with this Norwegian fishery, there is zero probability our fish will get infected. There are lots of fisheries...read more →

Ministry of Energy announced fuel oil price for the Murmansk region

Today the price per ton of fuel oil in the Murmansk region is 11.2 thousand rubles, informed the Head of the regional Ministry of Energy and Housing and Utilities Vladimir Gnoyevskiy.  “One ton of fuel oil currently costs 11.2 thousand rubles. Last year the price fluctuated between 6-11 thousand. It changes rapidly and is hard to predict since it is a market

The Dutch willing to build a wind park near Murmansk for 22 bln rubles

The Dutch company Windlife Energy BV plans to invest 22 bln rubles in a wind park in the Murmansk region, informs Interfax referring to the company’s Director General Paul Logchies. “We plan to complete construction in 2019. This will be the biggest wind park ever beyond the Polar Circle (...). The 22 bln rubles are to be spent for those 200 megawatt,” said

Net profit of Murmansk commercial seaport increased by 43%

The net profit of the Murmansk Commercial Seaport for 9 months of 2016 increased by 43% against the same period in 2015 and amounts to 3.28 bln RUB. According to the company’s data, the income for this period increased at 11.3% and made 5,69 bln RUB. OJSC “Murmansk Commercial Seaport” was established in 1994. It has 17 quays of 3 km in total. The length and

Trade flow between the Murmansk region and Norway significantly increased

In the first half of 2016 the trade flow between the Murmansk region and Norway increased at 54% against the same period in 2015 and made 87,3 mln USD. According to the Minister of Economic Development of the Murmansk region Yelena Tikhonova, this was among others contributed by such activities as the VI Days of cross-border cooperation that opened today on the Kola

Murmansk marine station opened after reconstruction

On October 4 the official opening ceremony of the reconstructed marine station took place in Murmansk. It was attended by the Governor of the Murmansk region Marina Kovtun, Mayor of Murmansk Alexey Veller, Chairperson of the Council of Federation of the Federal Assembly of the Russian FederationValentina Matvienko,Deputy Minister of

Norway will continue funding of Atomflot supplies and equipment

Delegation from the the Norwegian Radiation Protection Authority visited FSUE Atomflot to inspect the implementation of the contract with Nordisk Sikkerhet involving procurement and installation of radiation railway and vehicle portal monitors at Atomflot facility. In 2014 in the frames of the International Technical Assistance Programme Rosatomflot received 2mln NOK to

Icebreaker “Arktika”: The core construction phase is completed

The Baltic Plant has completed mounting of first of the two steam-generating units on the “Arktika” icebreaker (Project 22220), thus completing the core construction phase. “Today we’ve successfully completed this construction phase of the atomic icebreaker. Further on we shall conduct final mounting of the atomic power unit with the supporting

The Arctic oil may be processed on the Kola Peninsula

According to the vice-governor of the Murmansk region Alexey Tyukavin, the local government is currently negotiating the possibility of building an oil refinery on the western coast of the Kola Peninsula with the federal government and Gazpromneft company. "We wish the Murmansk port to be the final destination - the raw feedstock, particularly oil, shall be both received and