How the salmon died. VIDEO

Blogger51 has published a video shoopted by divers at one of the fish farms of the Murmansk region proving that the contaminated fish was dumped directly into the water. That contradicts the officials and fish farms' owners stating that all the dead salmon was properly disposed.  The poster writes "The basket seems to contain 150 thousand species 5 kg each = 750 tons of... read more →

Hard to breath in Murmansk

What do people in Murmansk breath in? The environmental prosecutor's office of the region asked oneself this question. It ascertained that in the consequences of the launch of boilers of the Murmansk combined heat and power (CHP) plant during the period of a high wind black powder and flocks appeared in the city. It was then that local residents massively complained of foreign...read more →

Rosneft, Roslyakovo - all for nothing

While people afraid to talk about it, but the project of "Rosneft" in Roslyakovo is put on the shelf for a long time or maybe forever. Because of the present oil price, economic sanctions and climate of Russian economics, "Rosneft" will not invest in a new project in Murmansk. It means that all that nerve-wracking situation for 9 thousand residents of Roslyakovo and its...read more →