Famous designer from Murmansk region to get married to the British prince

A Russian designer Ekaterina Malysheva born in Apatity town of the Murmansk region received marriage proposal from Ernst August von Hannover, a relative to Albert II, Prince of Monaco.  The wedding ceremony will take place next summer apparently in Marienburg castle located in the Polish town of Malbork. The proposal was made few days ago during family vacation on the... read more →

Book about Sami handicraft translated into English

The book “Sami Patterns” by Anastasia Mozolevskaya and Yekaterina Mechkina has been translated into English. The book has Sami-Russian-English glossary for easier understanding of terminology. It’s first edition was released in 2011 in Russian and Kildin Sami languages.  The book gives a rich overview of Sami handicraft based on private collections of...read more →

Murmansk inhabitants learned how the Finns joke

There were literature readings in Murmansk State Scientific Regional Library, which were devoted to works of Finnish writer Arto Paasilinna and humor in Finnish literature. The event was hold in the frames of an international cultural festival "Barents Bird". Arto Paasilinna is one of the most translated and world read Finnish writers. The writers bibliography contains over...read more →