The first patrol ice-breaker laid down in Saint-Petersburg

The first patrol ice-breaker “Ivan Papanin” (project 23550) built under the order of the RF Navy was laid down on April, 19 at the Admiralty Shipyards, informed the press-service of the enterprise.   In 2016 the RF Ministry of Defense ordered the Admiralty Shipyards to build two ice-class patrol ice-breakers (project 23550) that should be handed over to the... read more →

Northern Fleet’s pilots awarded the title of Heroes of RF

The state award ceremony was held on the aircraft carrier Admiral Kuznetsov. Six pilots of the Northern Fleet’s fighter aviation regiment were awarded the title of Heroes of Russia for their meritorious service. Also, according to InformVest, most distinguished servicemen of the fighter aviation regiment were awarded with Medals of the Order For Merit to the Motherland...read more →

Kuznetsov carrier-based aircrafts landed in Severomorsk-3

First group of carrier-based aircrafts of the Northern Fleet have flown from Kuznetsov aircraft carrier to Severomorsk-3 airport after a successful mission in Syria. The first to return were the crews of four battle planes and three helicopters, informed TASS referring to the Northern Fleet’s press-service. Since November 8, 2016 the aircraft carrier group including...read more →

Murmansk native killed in Donbass

“He was blown up while rescuing injured people from Almaz-1 defense center. That was the third rescue operation in a row for him,” told SeverPost a fellow of the killed volunteer soldier. Alexey Chetvergov, a Murmansk native, graduated from vocational college No.14 in 2009 and since 2015 had been involved in the Ukrainian Volunteer Defense Force in Donbass. First...read more →

“Marshall Ustinov” cruiser arrived to Severomorsk after modernization

The main base of the Northern Fleet Severomorsk received the “Marshall Ustinov” missile cruiser that returned from “Zvezdochka” Ship Repair Center (Severodvinsk) where it was repaired and modernized. The vessel was welcomed with an official greeting ceremony headed by the Commander of the Northern Fleet Vice-Admiral Nikolay Yevmenov. “Commander...read more →

New guard-ship “Polar Star” to serve in Murmansk

In the coming few days the new guard-ship “Polar Star” will enter the Murmansk port. The ship’s flag-raising ceremony took place in Kronshtadt on December, 17. The lead border guard-ship “Polar Star” (Project 22100) was constructed at Zelenodolsky Plant named after A.M.Gorkiy. The project was developed by engineers from St.Peterburg Construction...read more →

“Vice-Admiral Kulakov” returned from Syria to Severomorsk

The main base of the Northern Fleet met back the major anti-submarine ship “Vice-Admiral Kulakov” that returned from Syria. “The wide range of objectives and smooth navigation in the demanding navigational situation sustained the professional competence of the crew. This long-distance voyage proved to be a good practice and a valuable experience that will be...read more →

“Admiral Kulakov” rescued a Ukrainian ship’s crew in the Mediterranean

Major anti-submarine ship of the Northern Fleet “Admiral Kulakov” rescued crew of a Ukrainian fishing vessel in the Mediterranean, informs RT TV-channel referring to the Ministry of Defense.  It is specified that the Russian ship received a distress signal from the Ukrainian vessel “097” with 7 crew members onboard. “Admiral Kulakov”...read more →

Aircraft carrier "Kuznetsov" can be tracked online

A number of ships belonging to the Northern Fleet including the heavy aicraft carrier "Kuznetsov" can be tracked online. The aircraft is followed by the ocean going rescue tug “Nikolay Chiker” while its entire movement is displayed at Marinetraffic web-site. For instance on the 1st of November the tug sailed between Malta and Sicily. "Nikolay Chiker" persistently

“Marshall Ustinov” cruiser left the harbor after repair

The missile cruiser “Marshall Ustinov” (Project 1164 “Atlant”) got off the harbor for sea trials, reported the press-service of the “Zvezdochka” Ship Repair Center on October, 30. As has been reported, the Ship Repair Center started the repairing and updating of the missile cruiser in 2011. Since then the vessel underwent dock repairs, got

7 cruise missiles fired in the Arctic region in the Northern Fleet’s exercise

Today the Northern Fleet has completed the scheduled operational readiness check in the Arctic. The live fire exercise in the Barents, the White and the Laptev Seas involved firing of 7 sea- and land-based cruise missiles including launch of underwater missile from a nuclear submarine. Lots of gun fire and air shoot was conducted as all-arms forces exercise. The practice

Navy Chief Commander Vladimir Korolev on an inspection visit at the Northern Fleet

The Navy Chief Commander, Admiral Vladimir Korolev has arrived at the Northern Fleet for a 2-days working visit. According to the working plan, the Chief Commander will visit the main navy base of the Northern Fleet in Severomorsk where he will hear reports by the Commander of the Northern Fleet Nikolay Yevmenov and by officials of the navy command on the issues of the

Nonfreezing storage tanks to be delivered to the Arctic

Provided that testing of the unique storage tank ACPT-5,6 Arctic line mounted on Kamaz truck chassis will be successful, the product shall be delivered to the Arctic. The new equipment will allow delivering of drinking water and keeping it unfrozen down to -65C°. “We’re currently testing the storage tanks, including their functionality at extremely

The Northern Fleet placed on high alert

Suprise combat readiness check has been launched in the Southern, Western and Central military districts, as well as in the Northern Fleet and General Commands of the Russian Aerospace and Airborne Forces, reported the Minister of Defense, General Shoigu. “Following the decision of the Supreme Commander-in-Chief of the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation a suprise

The Arctic forces to receive new air defense systems

By the end of 2016 the Arctic forces shall receive a new Pantsir SA air defense missile-gun system designed for operation in the Arctic, as well as an upgraded Pantsir short-range missile system. This has been reported to the Russian News Service Radio Station by the Commander of the Air Force and Air Defense Troops , Deputy Commander-in-Chief of the Russian Aero-Space Forces,

The construction of Atomic ice-breaker "Ural" started yesterday at the Baltic Shipyard

The official ceremony held on July 25th at the Baltic Shipyard marked the start of construction of the third serial atomic ice-breaker "Ural"(Project 22220). The vessel shall be equipped with the standard for this series power unit with two nuclear reactors.   The "Ural" ice-breaker is peculiar due to it's dual-draught design that enables the vessel to operate in