18.6 thousand travelers headed for Norway and Finland during New Year holidays

11 01 2017

During December, 30 – January, 8 the Salla, Lotta and Borisoglebsk border crossing checkpoints processed 18633 travelers and 7033 vehicles. Last year these figures were 19520 and 7743 respectively. During the New Year holidays the Salla checkpoint was crossed by 7123 travelers (against 7743 last year) and 2905 vehicles (3205 last year). On December, 30-31 and... read more →

29 12 2016

3 Moroccans detained at the Russian-Finnish border

In Kandalaksha the FSB has detained 3 Morocco nationals who tryed to illegally cross the border. Investigation revealed that the Moroccans arrived to Moscow with one-entry Russian tourist visa and then hired a taxi to reach the border area.  “The detainees had personal items, tablet PCs, mobile phones and some food with them. Further they planned to illegally cross...read more →

16 12 2016

13.9 thousand Finnish visas issued in 2016 to Murmansk region residents

During January- November 2016 the Finnish Consulate in Murmansk received around 13.9 thousand visa applications. In November there were about 2 thousand applicants. For reference, in November 2015 the Consulate issued 1.3 thousand Finnish visas and in December – 2 thousand. Totally in 2015 the Finnish Consulate processed 24.5 thousand applications. “Altogether in...read more →

09 12 2016

Head of the Pechenga in charge the Council of cross-border municipalities

Head of the Pechenga district Eduard Zatona took on leadership in the Council of northern cross-border municipalities. According to its charter, the Chairman of the Council is conferred the powers for one year. The decision was taken on an extraordinary meeting of the Council on the 22nd of November in Inari, Finland. Currently the Council plans to summarize the ideas...read more →

23 11 2016

Norwegians reviewed launching the Kirkenes-Murmansk flight

FlyViking air company that had earlier proposed launching flights from North Norway to Murmansk changes its plans. Murmansk Mayor Andrey Sysoyev met with the delegation from Sør Varanger to discuss perspectives of the new air routes.  Following the meeting representatives of the Norwegian air company proposed launching flight Kirkenes-Murmansk in the nearest time....read more →

18 11 2016

Representative of South African Embassy called Murmansk region a neighbor

Minister Plenipotentiary of the Embassy of South Africa Henry William Short called the Murmansk region a neighbor region. He also added that the Republic of South Africa looks forward to productive cooperation on the regional level. “We deeply appreciate the new opportunity that opened for us in the course of the Murmansk International Business Week. We’ve had...read more →

17 11 2016

Murmansk fishermen to reduce trawling in the Barents Sea

Major cod and haddock producers fishing in the Barents Sea (the Union of Fishery Enterprises in the North, Groups of companies”Norebo” and “F.E.S.T”, OJSC Archangelsk Trawl Fleet) have signed agreement on mitigation of bottom trawling fishing on the ecosystems of the Barents and Norwegian Seas. “The ecological importance of this agreement can...read more →

15 11 2016

FSB in Murmansk detained a foreign ship with drugs onboard. VIDEO

During the border control the transport refrigerator “Frio Petropavlovsk” under St Kitts and Nevis flag intending to leave the Russian Federation was detained by the Federal Security Service due to the fact of discovering a hiding with cannabis and its derivatives. The drugs were detected by a trained dog in the refrigerating compartment of the vessel. A...read more →


Murmansk region and Norwegian Troms signed declaration on cooperation

The Governor of the Murmansk region Marina Kovtun and Chairperson of the Administration of Norwegian county Troms Cecilie Myrseth signed Declaration on priority directions of cooperation for 2017-2019. The Declaration is focused on projects and activities in the fields of economy, education, healthcare, culture, sports, youth policy and environmental safety. Cecilie Myrseth


Two Tanzanians attempted to illegally cross the Russian-Finnish border

The officials of the Border Department of the Federal Security Service for the Republic of Karelia identified two citizens of Tanzania who arrived to Kandalaksha by train from St.Petersburg. The Tanzanians tried to illegally migrate to Finland. In the course of investigations the Federal Security Service identified that the Tanzanians intended to illegally cross the border in


Russia and Norway celebrate the 72nd anniversary of the victory over fascism

On October 23 Russia and Norway celebrated the 72nd anniversary of the defeat of German forces in the Arctic. Governor of the Murmansk region Marina Kovtun, Chairman of the Murmansk Regional Duma Sergey Dubovoy and the Chief Federal Inspector on the Murmansk region Andrey Kalinin congratulated the northerners on the great event. Congratulations on the 72nd anniversary of


"50 Years of Victory" rescued a research vessel from ice captivity

On October, 20 the atomic ice-breaker fulfilled a rescue operation saving a research vessel "Victor Buynitskiy" from the ice captivity in the East-Siberian Sea. The crew of "Victor Buynitskiy" conducted a series of research works including instrumental assessment of the sea bottom in the area of the De Long islands in the East-Siberian Sea where the "Janette" vessel


FSB: militants may carry weapons through the Russian-Norwegian border

International terrorist organizations may use the Russian-Norwegian border for transit of weapons through Nikel and Kirkenes, informed Interfax referring to the Border Guard Command of the Russian Federal Security Service (FSB).  As has been stated by the Public Relations Center of the Russian FSB, "border services of both countries shall be alert to possible atempts of


Ambassador of USA in Russia to make his first visit to Murmansk

The Head of the U.S. diplomatic mission John Tefft will for the first time visit Murmansk region to get familiar with the local settings. On October 3-4 the Ambassador will see the most prominent sights in Murmansk to pay tribute to the regional history and culture. He will also attend the Murmansk 100-year anniversary celebrations, reports the press-service of the U.S.


Finland to join the Russian-Norwegian cross-border cooperation days

On October 27-28 Nikel will host the sixth Russian-Norwegian cross-border cooperation days aimed at strengthening of collaboration on the issues relevant for border towns and settlements. This year the Russian-Norwegian cross-border cooperation days agenda includes not only important aspects of Russian-Norwegian border area, but also vital issues of cooperation between the


Restrictions across Russian-Finnish border to be dropped on October, 6

The border crossing restrictions at Salla and Raja-Jooseppi (Lotta) Russian-Finnish border-crossing points will be dropped on October, 6, states the Raja-Jooseppi webpage. The restrictions across the Russian-Finnish border with the validity period of 180 days came into force on April 10, 2016. According to the tentative rules, the border may be crossed only by citizens of